Joshua Merchan Rodriguez

(COL/FR | January,2021)

Joshua Merchan Rodríguez  (1996, Colombia) 

2018-2020’ - Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts de Nantes Metropole (ESBANM, Nantes)
2017-2018- Ecole Europenne Superieure d’art de Bretagne (EESAB, Rennes)
2016-2017- Public preparatory class of art (Les Arcades, Issy-les-Moulineaux)
2015-2016- Ecole Superieure de Realisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA, Paris)


2020- W IRE - Rouge (Matera, Italy)
2020- Okupa - Calle.Nart (Merida, Mex)
2019- «Sin isla, dan isla - TOPO (Mexico City, Mex)
2019- Un fin de semana aqui - Ngr11gnb7 (Mexico City, Mex)
2019- Hiking + Thinking (plus) Matress x Printer- Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, Nl)
2017- Visages rencontres- Colombian Consulate (Paris, Fr)

I have often thought about the "pockets of silence" described by Rothko in my artistic practice. 

I am interested in exploring and expanding the idea and potential of retreat spaces, taking into account the current state of the world, where entropy is accelerated by human actions in a climate of global emergency. I am looking to build shelters that do not try to escape from the world, but to deal with ambient noise, using it as a tool of action that takes bodies out of their passivity.


In the constant flux between spaces of contemplation and spaces of thought, from where I would like to think or define my place through my gestures or movements as an artist/human being keeping In mind the nature of our finite material world.



In 2019, I lived and studied in MX City via ENPEG Art Program. During six months, I had the chance to engage with the local art scene and to collaborate with artists. TOPO Collective was founded by eight artists from different places around the world. For a month we organized and curated a collective exhibition in an empty building in Col. Polanco, where we invited around thirty artists, mainly Mexican art scene.



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The Lab Program is an Art-Research & Mobility Network that works in collaboration with independent spaces, art and non-art related, in Mexico City in order to exchange methodologies and encourage site-specific researches as part of artistic practice.