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Jue Yang ha estado investigando la relación de la escritura y la comida. 
Le interesa la movilidad y las narrativas alternativas que se generan desde el comercio ambulante en la ciudad de México.

Hace unos días se unió a la ruta de Catalino, uno de los tantos vendedores de Pan en la CDMX.


I enjoy the process of learning, research and synthesis. Writing is central to my practice, yet how I write and to whom I write have changed over time. At first, words were an intimate record, visible only to myself; then, a way of communicating thoughts to others. Since I started writing for performance, words became a means to create visceral experiences and uncover empathy. With backgrounds in cartography, architecture, and programming, I continue to discover new modes of writing, whether as a process or a product.

I was born in China and lived in the US. Mexico has been my home for the past half year. If you ask me where I am from, here is the answer from my heart: I am from the world.

Special thanks to all collaborators engaged in this research:

Pandeo DF, Panificadora Nápoles y Don Catalino Acevedo. 

you are awsome ✨👌




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