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-----------------> FEAST OF FICTIONS




Shaken out, beaten with sweat, salt, tasted, ingested and welded:
many have forgotten our animal bodies, 
misplaced the narrative of temporality, dynamicity, collectivity. 
Civility has lured us into their collapsing myth:
metal hunks, concrete shelter, divisions of soil, over-extraction, over-production.

<<Feast of Fictions>> is an immersive fantasy in which parallel narratives of bonding and spontaneous antidotes become an invitation to delay civil compromises, as well as interrupting critical mind with critical body* in improvisatory dynamism. It is an interstice where rules are made, and a bit of the savage-fantastic leaks into reality.

*Dialogue of action
**You will be inside <<Feast of Fictions>> for short of an hour:
You will enter into guided, interactive investigation, 
And you will be fed.
Your hostess is looking forward to seeing you.

Special thanks to all collaborators engaged in this research:

Baltazar Peña Ríos, Daŋŋy mutamasick, Deliry Sánchez,

Frontera 115, Diego Beyró, Heather LS Brumund,Lisa Giordano, Pandeo DF.

you are awsome ✨👌

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