catherine duboutay

(luxembourg | November,2020)

Catherine Duboutay  (*1995 Luxembourg), BA in Fine Arts, attained 16.07.2019, Saarbrücken, Germany, since September
2019 MA in Fine Arts at ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland.

2019 participation in October School ( in Mexico City, a two-week intense excellency program.

In 2018-2019 I did six months of Erasmus+ at Sint-Lucas Gent, Belgium.

Since 2018, an active member and curator of Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein (

Since 2018, member of Planet Dance Ensemble
In 2019 I co-founded the Heng We Collective , a collective performance group.

The human influence on the earth is predominant and its consequences are growing. This behavior, which has a huge
effect on the relations between living beings, can be described with the concept of Anthropocene.

This hierarchical structure induced by human behavior on earth needs to be rethought and this is where I want to bring in the practice of working in collectives. It’s about bringing in the perspective of coexistence with animals and plants.

The dealing with our struggles must be grounded on an idea of the common and an understanding of a community.

The thinking in communities by working in groups is a start to lead in this direction and to be able to make suggestions for a different future by forming narratives in the present. This attitude reclaims the working-together in communing with companions.

To assure thinking across the borders of culture and education the practice has to be a trans-local one. We have to
develop a common understanding, shared interests, strategies, and methods to face public issues together. The merge
of different cultures is already happening led by the economy, hybrid cultures are being formed and the collective
practice should be developed, too.

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To find out more about Catherine's Work in Process listen to us @

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Week 1 | Sat, 14th of November, 2020

The Lab Program is an Art-Research & Mobility Network that works in collaboration with independent spaces, art and non-art related, in Mexico City in order to exchange methodologies and encourage site-specific researches as part of artistic practice.